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Emblem of the RALLY AICHA DES GAZELLES for the support and promotion of humanitarian goals.

They talk about her Paintings :

- "Dictionnaire de Cotation des Artistes Modernes – 2001"
- "Annuaire International des Arts", Guide 14th Edition
- "Femmes et Artistes 2002"



Selected among 120 Women Madame Nicole Ameline, Ex. Minister of Parity and Professional Equality, during the event “Rencontre des Talents des Femmes.
Vocations Plurielles” (encounters of women talents, plural vocations).

Decorated Official Academic Chevalier GRECI-MARINO VERBANO (in Italy) for her contribution to the organization of many Plastic Art Fairs
Obtention of an Hounor awarded by the “Association of Art to the UNESCO” in recognition of her contribution to the spread of Plastic Arts in the World.

- Silver Medal of the City of Paris
- Golden Medal of the City of Arles
- Prize of the City of Nanterre
- Silver Medal of the City of Nanterre
- Cup Mienne PICASSO
- Prize of the Governor of Paris




Her paintings stand in the “Dictionnaire des Cotations des Artistes Modernes


Kingdom of Morocco :
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
- Chancery of the MK to Bastia.
- Award for her commendable work for the achievement within the framework of the year of Morocco in France.

- Prize of the Army, Defence, Polytechnique
- Prize of the Jury of the National Swiss Office
- Prize of Henri LE SIDANIER CAP – Paris
- Prize of BOSCO TATSUYA HIRATA ( Japan)
- Prize of Paul GUTH CAP – Paris
- Prize of Solidarity and Devotion, Association Internationale d’Arts Palstiques (AIAP)

- UNESCO, Year of Morocco in France.
- Prize of the Concours National CEGEDIM
- First Prize of Painting of the Saloon de Bourges (France)

- "Salons d'AUTOMNE", Editions 1992, 1993 & 1999


Siham Jbilou Traductrice Interprète Assermentée à Rabat MAROC
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