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Barbara Brenet was born on June 17th, 1970 among artists, persons gifted for the arts and navigators. To portray Barbara, one could talk about her classical cultural background; after an arts-based baccalaureate she studied Arts History and won a number of prizes ... One could also linger over her passion, the huge amount of work done, on her own or in artist studios, how she met with classical or abstract artists, the various exhibitions ...
One could also talk about her voyages, how she explored distant lands ... as well as books and museums ... But here is what Barbara says about herself :

As a matter of fact, words and writing are not really my "first language". My vocabulary is made of lights and shadows, volumes and empty spaces, colours, and textures that cover and give life to my sculptures and paintings.

My orthography : earth, clay, pigments, concrete, marble, copper, gold ...
My grammar : binders, oil, turpentine, acids, acrylic or epoxy resins ... My inspiration : the meeting with different Ages, continents and civilisations, the memory of "myths" and "gods" that have seen the beginning of science, philosophy, Tragedy, and the human beings who lived confronting their ideas.

My choices: Abstractforms, contemporary materials and other salvaged objects, combined with Antiquity, bodies, faces, noble materials in order to express the encounter with the world, the strength of the present and reality. More particularly patina, weathering, cracks, oxidations to depict the inner life, and the time passing by ...

But more intimately, I see the artistic part of any kind of work as a mean to weave one's way between the established order and sheer madness. This is my way to look at the world; this is my part of freedom.


Exhibitions and salons (to be completed)

Art galleries: Martinique (1991-1998), Lyon, La Baule, Dijon, Beaune ...
Salons du Conseil Général de la Martinique (1st Prize, 1992),
Festival de Fort de France (Prize of the Public in 199 3, year of the tribute to Aimé Césaire ),
Corum de Montpellier,
1st Prize " Celebration of Love ", in Los Angeles, organised by Michael Jackson and several aid organizations ( Make-a-Wish Foundation, EAT Como e Lue FTCA, ...) in September 2003, Feria de Madrid
Salon Arts-Inter during the 5th Biennale de la ville de Lyon (Vermeil Medal)
Défi Sida in Lyon
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