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Joel Caturla's enthusiasm for interior design is palpable. His story reads like a portrait of the American Dream: in 1981, he came to the United States from France with aspirations of becoming a successful interior designer. He has achieved his goal through hard work and a passionate commitment to his clients’ needs. His European heritage and culture are evident in design projects in Paris, London, and New York. After three decades of perseverance, Caturla now oversees a staff of four people who are dedicated to servicing his clients.

"I love this country", Caturla exudes. "I came here with only my knowledge and a dream – and this is the beauty of America – I have been given the opportunity to succeed." Educated at the École de Pau in the South of France, Caturla studied both interior design and the decorative arts. He then worked and trained under renowned French designer Michel Fortin, becoming an expert in French antiques of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Caturla doesn't limit his creative energy to his interior design projects. He has lectured and conducted design tours throughout France. He regularly attends cultural events and art exhibitions to keep his perspective fresh. He also travels frequently throughout Europe. "Everything I see influences me", he explains. An avid reader of histories, Caturla is cognizant that understanding the past will keep his present and future designs fresh. With an eclectic blend of work and a story that combines promise and prosperity, Caturla's design future is clearly very bright.

The team at Caturla Design combine their considerable talents in reapportioning space, visualing color palettes that will make it flow, designing rooms with style and assurance. Basic principles of good design are applied with striking effects. From entrance halls to living and dining areas, to bedrooms and baths and kitchens to offices - this team has the ability to create personal living environments, not just another pretty picture.

If structural transformation is called for, they see to it that the walls are adjusted, closets enlarged, doors added or subtracted, windows given a day and night life.
Neither "minimalist modern" nor "tie-back traditional", they have respect for all periods. In their capable hands Country can look elegant, and City made to feel casual. Creating an image and lifestyle for their clients is the essence of Caturla Design.

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