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Peintre autodidacte, pour moi l'Emotion c'est l'Art. Une oeuvre qui ne produit pas une emotion vive, n'est pas du tout art.
Je participe à des expositions en France, Autriche, Allemagne et Hongrie. J'aime surtout les themes surrealistes, ceux qui me donnent de plus la liberte souhaitee.

If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for being a painter.

Self-educated painter, having exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France and Hungary, is willing to share his inner world. His paintings reflect his deepest emotions. "The emotion", he says, "is Art."

It looks absurd, but it is more important to search for happiness than to find it.
Painting is the only field of activity where you can afford a step forward with the freedom of destroying.
At least I am the inventor of my art. I have never seen someone painting.
The absolute freedom is harmful to art.

Dali proved that you still can create true art ever with full liberty.
Art. A beautiful park with winding alleys, but having no shortcuts.
To create means to the artist to imitate something he never heard that it exists.
What a ridiculous painter is the one who's trying to embellish a nude!
The modern painters'life is more alike the life of the 19th century searchers for gold.

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