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art arrangement
Art arrangementArt arrangement Art arrangement Art arrangement Art arrangement
Fountain stairs Acquarius Cellar Home Furniture Spa
"Fountain stairs" Art arrangement - Furniture Création - Shelves Création - Stone shelves - Spa entrance - Hotel Palissandre - Antananarivo "Acquarius" Furniture Création - Framed by an imposing granite ledge that seems set on water, this aquarium of 300 liters defies gravity he rear part of the cabinet has a storage space suitable to the application bar or counter, etc. - L x l x h : 63 x 40 x 43 inches/ Poids : 2310 lbs "Cellar" Art arrangement - Furniture Création Home Furniture Spa Art arrangement - Furniture Création - Hôtel Palissandre - Granite, etched glass and metal
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Avril 2018
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